How did this day get away?

I barely remember morning.
It feels like several days all got compressed into one.

For one thing, the room-full of boxes of my beloved's material meant for the archives at the University have finally migrated there from our basement.

Then the continued futile attempt to transform chaos into order in my office. At least someone more effective than I made inroads.

Then the shopping for shabbos.
Then trying to make order in the kitchen, since the chaos hitching a ride on the incoming mail ends up first on the island.
Then making half-sour garlic pickles!
(Every year I anticipate the appearance of the organic pickling cukes, on schedule with the fresh dill.)
Then preparing the guest room for a shabbos guest...Searching for bed linen that has wandered into some other room in the house. Then the guest-to-be came to pick up the key; due to settle in tomorrow.

Mishka inspected the guest room at length: she is very aware of any changes in routine. She is a cat who develops customs and habits, and insists that I perform my part of the choreography.

She has now tapped me on the arm with her paw: time to go upstairs, she is saying, twitching her tail.
Who can turn down such an invitation?
I wish us all a good shabbos, and a lively Tu B'Av.