Oy, it's amazing how upset I can get when this laptop refuses, for no apparent reason, to behave dependably. I take it personally.
I suddenly seem to believe that it is not, as I've been taught, an inanimate object; it is alive, and has a grudge against me.
How do I propitiate the Spirit of the Laptop?

I have heard, several times, the chirp that indicates arriving email. But nothing has appeared. Oh, pffft.
Th day began with some confusion, then settled out into some semblance of sanity. The Farmer's Market was a delight; and at the nearby bandshell, a band played Middle Eastern music.
A beautiful day.

I wonder if I can pray for the healing of the laptop?
(I joke, to cover the fact that I am intensely and intermittently praying for the healing of a colleague and friend following surgery.)

Good night.