I have just returned from the monthly potluck of women writers of Boulder---a marvelous mix of quirky women. I almost always make something from Elana Amstrdam's Gluten-free Almond Flour Cookbook. All the recipes are just my speed: mix the dry ingredients; mix the wet ingredients; mix them togther and put them in the oven.
If you are gluten-free, her cookbooks are a delight. She also has a blog, and now has gone full paleo.

The moon is beautiful tonight, and the air is exquisite. The cicadas are humming. It is the best part of summer, just when we realize that autumn is coming; but it isn't here yet.

The effects of working out at the local rec center under the guidance of Basia have lasted days:
my body wants to wake up. I accidentally breathed it out of hibernation.
Now my body is inviting me to allow more life to enter, even at the risk of more feeling.
It has taken this long for me to consider re-opening.
I know so very clearly that with great gifts comes the risk, perhaps the certainty, of great loss.

Here come all the possibilities, all the unknowns, to which I must consent in advance if I want to live.
Stay tuned.
Good night.