Up early

and, after feeding Mishka,--->off to morning minyan, with a short list of people for whose healing to pray. Pffft, it didn't occur to me to put my own name on the list.
Next time.

I do love the early morning minyan, and the camaraderie of us regulars, and coffee after---with the occasional bagel, herring or leftover kugel or chulent. (Chulent in the morning is a challenge.)

Then, a day of all sorts of errands.
And a friend undergoing chemo.
From all sides I am being reminded of Impermanence.
And am overtaken by a wave of missing Zalman, z'l, and regrets.

I wish us all a sweet and restorative shabbos.
Blessings...and a prrrr from Mishka, who is curled up on the desk beside the laptop and my arm.