Erev Yohrzeit

I wanted to replenish the supply of weed at the grave, in honor of my beloved's fifth yahrzeit.
I am grateful to a friend of Zalman's and mine, who escorted me to what he considers the best pot shop in town: actually a rather formal affair.
I brought it to the cemetery before dusk, along with my tallis and siddur, (bookmark at"Kaddish for one".)

A beautiful cloudy evening, and the beginning of rain. The opaque jars that had held prior supplies of marijuana, pipes and lighters were nowhere to be seen.
Instead, an abundant crop of nettles has grown at the foot of the gravestone.
I will return tomorrow, G-d willing, with my siddur, an appropriate jar for the designer weed, gardening gloves, and a serious weed-eater for the thistles.

I stopped by the house of a friend, remembering that I do indeed have friends here, and we caught up on what has happened since Shavuot.
I received a very welcome call from Zalman's sister in Israel; did my heart good.
Now I am yawning, and wishing for a dream of him.

Good night.