The stuff I'm not good at

When my wonderful small local bank, where my accounts have been since we first moved to Boulder, got gobbled up by a large bank that invests heavily in oil and fired our favorite people, I switched everything over to the nearby credit union: all the automatic deposits and regular bill payments, savings and checking and IRAs. The whole process has been a major pain in the tuchess, and very time-consuming.
So today I spent hours waiting for my turn at the Social Security office so they could verify my identity and do what is necesary to change deposits to the newer credit union account.
I almost wish I didn't care where my bank uses its money----and then I think of my beloved's grandkids and great-grandkids, and how I would like them to have air to breathe, and animals and birds and bees and whales still sharing the earth with us...

Blessings and sweet dreams.