Catching up

It has been a strange day, wandering between work that needed to be done, and distraction.
Instead of calling---a Sunday family practice I started with Zalman---I sent an email out to all the kids. Haven't heard back from any; guess that won't work as a way of keeping in touch, and I will go back to calling.

Errands: groceries, hardware store. Email: catching up, deleting, trying to keep perspective.
In the midst of it all, I made a cauldron of chicken soup for a community member who had an accident; the whole house smells like chicken soup.
Family of a local community membr who died earlier this year, z'l, are now dismantling her apartment; they brought me some photos she'd had of Zalman, z'l. And although this entire house is filled with him---possessions, books, papers, memories---those photos brought me to tears. Somehow they underscore his absence in-the-flesh.

I am both looking forward to the coming week, and not ready for it.
I would like another day of shabbos.
Good night.

P.S Does anyone know a superb travel agent in Boulder?