Off and running

I wakened disoriented, not quite knowing where I was...then I heard the operatic "Meow", and remembered:
I am home. Cat is hungry; or maybe just bored. I dressed, went downstairs and set out cat-breakfast, made coffee...and found Mishka, having noshed, waiting at the recliner chair for me to bring my coffee and provide a lap in which she could sit.

A friend from my college days came a day early for a family event in a town southwest of here, in order for us to spend a day visiting.
We barely knew each other in college, and became more acquainted on the list-serve that our graduating class developed. We all have shared some remarkable communications over these last years, and it is a gift and a pleasure to visit in person. We have eaten, talked, walked in the Open Space, eaten, talked.
It is time to sleep.

I feel like I have traversed at least three different worlds in the last few days.
Good night.