Thunder the distance. Not close enough to expect rain tonight.

It has been a day of catching up, of visitors from far, of brainstorming with the lawyer about estate planning. Such a puzzlement, trying to imagine into the future, balancing between all the "what-if's", the "wish for's" and the "hope not's". At the same time that I am perusing my house for future safety features, I am renewing my "TSA Pre" for easier flying. I also stopped at the local AAA today to renew my membership, and found on sale one of those scarves that has a zipper pocket for passport, a replacement for the broken little combination lock for my suitcase, etc...Clearly some part of me anticipates travel. But meanwhile, I want all to be in order in case of the unexpected---the family trust, the durable power of attorney, the medical power of attorney. I will both rest and adventure easier knowing that in case of my unexpected demise, the kids will not be burdened with undue stress.

The wind has picked up now; I hear it in the firs and spruces that border the back yard. It might rain, and thunder is breaking not very far away. I love the stormy weather of the summer here, and the unexpected twists of wind. The air, being dry, is not as heavily scented as back East, even after rain.
Compensation: I hear it on the skylights.

I wish us all a sweet shabbos, calming and refreshing.
I wish that all branches of our government refrain from any damaging actions for a few days.
I pray for the reuniting of refugee parents with their stolen and imprisoned children.

And let us say: AMEN