...and hearing the welcome sound of rain on the skylights.

I am very grateful to have spent these days in Berkeley at the house of old and treasured friends.
I am very grateful for their generous and heartful hospitality.
I am grateful to have joined the gathering of the current Aquarian Minyan---some whom I knew from the very old days, when I was a grad student living in San Francisco; some from when Zalman (z'l) and I were "on the circuit" teaching together. Were we ever that young, that open, that enthusiastic?
The song "In My Life" plays in the background of my mind: "Some have gone, and some remain..."
I feel noticeably closer to the Great Egress.

It was almost like an extended yontiff to not be on line for four days in a row; and very restful.
Although I kept handwritten notes by fountain pen in a blank journal, I did miss this venue, and the sense of community that these pages have become for me.

I thank all of you who have continued reading, who have sent comments or hearts, who have accompanied me on this journey. I am grateful for your presence.

(And when I think of what my beloved had to go through to get me to let him install a computer in my house in Philadelphia...
He did not battle my reluctance; he just said he'd have to go home early on Sundays to work.
By the next week, I had assembled a computer desk in the office space.)

I miss him, I miss him, I miss him.
One of his grandsons just got married today in Ashdod...(I held them in my heart all day. I pray that their life be blessed in all four worlds.)

Good night.