I looked all over the mess on the desk.
I looked on the floor.
I looked on the other part of the desk.
Then on the desk in the other office.
Then on the wooden island in the kitchen, then the dresser in the bedroom, then the master bath.
The credit card---THE one, that I put all the automatic monthly payments on, like utilities---was not to be found.
I was not above appealing to St. Anthony.

Finally, I went to McGuckin's for a replacement shower head/shpritzer for the guest bathroom.  And while I was at it, I might as well ask; I got something there yesterday.
Miracle of miracles, they had it!  Upstairs in the safe.  They asked me to confirm the number before handing it over. My signature on the back had faded, so they couldn't call me; just hoped I'd show up.
I hugged the employee who dug it out.  
I can't begin to describe how relieved...

My beloved would have looked at all the anxiety, all the worry, all the searching, and said "She-y'hi'yeh l'kapporeh"---may that be an atonement for any other karma that was coming due.
I had the joy of speaking with an old friend, from my days in Israel studying together with our teacher Mme. Colette.  We'd not spoken in ages, and catching up was satisfying.  We are both old enough now to engage in what my beloved used to call the "organ recital"...

Then later, a long phone call with my half-sister Brandie.  Ruth bat Avraham v'Sarah, the third wife of my late father, the woman who raised his children, is begining to seriously withdraw from this life, and may soon be gone. 
I remember the saying I learned from Zalman, z'l:  that for the soul to leave the body is as easy as drawing a hair from milk.
May it be so; she deserves an easy exit, and a royal welcome.

Good night.