FULL day

---everything from errands to brunch meeting to McGuckin's Hardware to telephone messages to hours spent with our favorite techie installing a printer that works...but works very differenty than the previous one that died.  It has a more intimate and interactive relationship with my laptop, and is more reluctant to do certain things.
And of course our dear techie, who knows how tech-phobic I am, patiently laid out why I will eventually really need to get a smart phone.  And/or an iPad.  (Now, an iPad I would consider in order to be able to travel carrying less weight and to be able to do and send cartoons...)

Late in the afternoon I stopped at the graveyard on the way home, and sat quietly listening to the birds.  Praying.  Writing.  Crying.

The kind woman who works in the office came by, sat with me a bit, then mentioned that a bear had been reported wandering among the graves a little while ago.  
I remembered the remedy taught me by a young Athabascan woman in a small Alaskan village:  a woman is supposed to lift her shirt and say "Brother bear, I am your sister; I would not hurt you"; and supposedly the bear then goes peacefully away.  She surmised that bears can't stand so much naked skin wihout a normal amount of fur.
I am rather relieved that I did not have to try it out; the only ones we hear from are the ones for whom it worked.

Good night.