The week balances itself around Wednesday.
The repairs of the house are continuing: the concrete of the repaired front walk is drying; I bought the necessary new low-flow toilet to replace the one irretrievably broken in mysterious circumstances.
(I can't get the two boxes out of the car; too heavy.)
A meeting happened here to discuss some teaching I will do in the coming season. I was forgiven the baking experiment that turned out to be inedible, and instead taken to Indian food lunch.
Bumped into a fellow SLC-graduate with whom it seems I have much in common that I had not known before. And saw others I know at the Farmer's Market. Donating money to the three or four familiar schnorrers fels like normal, almost familial, interaction.

Confession: I did not watch the debate tonight. I will listen to the reviews on NPR tomorrow.
Sweet dreams.