Everything changes

yet again!

The (relative) chaos attending the house repairs evidently alarmed Mishka.
She disappeared.
I looked everywhere, I called, I set out an early dinner.
No Mishka.
I put a notice out on our neighborhood list serve.

I finally looked beneath the bed in the guest room...and saw two eyes looking back at me from the dark. And heaved a sigh of relief.
It is amazing what heart-space these little creatures occupy. I thought I was rescuing her, when her person died. But really, her need for a certain stability (breakfast! dinner! clean litter! lap! meow!)
is rescuing me.

She is now curled up on my desk beside the laptop, one paw on the edge of the keyboard.\

She types.
If anyone cares to offer an interpretation, by all means put it in Comments.

Good night; meow.