Todo Cambia

The dear folks who can repair house things came today.
Everything's a wreck: drop cloths inside; boards over drying cement outside.
Furniture in unaccustomed places.
Mishka the cat has been taking refuge in the few undisturbed pieces of furniture, and on my desk beside the laptop.

As I am reading of fundamental changes in friends' lives, I discover that the mother of my old friend, with whom I stayed in Philadelphia, went suddenly from enjoying her new place in an excellent elder-residence, to having suffered, perhaps, a stroke. Her husband died very recently, z'l, and she may wish to follow.

I understand that wish.
I'm still here.
And still, some days, I feel that wish.

Not today.
Today, I sought out Mercedes Sosa on youtube, singing "Todo Cambia"---everything changes.
The song will accompany me upstairs to bed.
Good night.