Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 3 minutes ago

Good heavens, much of what I wrote last night never made it onto CaringBridge or here: I got interrupted in the middle, lost track and failed to send. My apologies.
I think it may be the first time I have missed a night that was not a Jewish holiday.

It was a quiet and peaceful shabbos: a visit from a friend and his new bride; another friend here for lunch. Sprinkles of rain on the skylights, then sun. Mishka staying close, on my lap or by my side.
Today was the beginning of re-starting, of catching up, groceries, laundry.
I am anticipating a full, rich week---meetings, planning, cleaning up.
I am preparing to fly into Oakland at the end of the week to join the reunion of the Aquarian Minyan---the place where I first met Zalman way back in the 1970's, and first experienced Jewish practice that was intense, deeply spiritual, celebrative and open-minded. (Yes! All that together! No wonder I was impressed.) It was a gathering of what Zalman called "the wild and wooly Jews"---which was true at the time in any number of ways.
Then years later we met again at the Jerusalem home of my teacher Mme. Colette, z'l...but that is another story.

Good night.