I opened email this morning to find that my entry from last night had disappeared entirely---I don't understand how that happened; it is a first time.

The delight of spending time with an old friend is the predominant flavor of yesterday.
That, and visiting with my very dear cousin the lawyer who is quite rightly determined that I should have my affairs in order.

I find, to my surprise, that I am less adventurous about wandering through the city into unknown parts.  As we now know, my Garmin is senile and cannot be depended upon.  This development unfortunately coincides with my eyes seriously needing ever-higher strengths of reading glasses.
I am reminded of Dr. Seuss's book for elders, with lines like
"I cannot see
I cannot pee..."
(Fortunately, I can; but not always when expected.)

I can still wander around quirky neighborhoods and appreciate the unique detail of unlikely gardens amidst the concrete, or creative adaptations of the cellar doors slanting up from the sidewalk, formerly meant for accepting deposits of coal.  When I talk to strangers here, they talk back.  As many folks walking their dogs among the  concrete as there are in the Open Space back home.

Strange:  after waking unusually early, I am now ready for fifteen minutes more of dozing.
Wishing us all a good day; and wondering what happened to last night's entry.