I'm back

-->at last.
I have been entirely off line from before the Shabbat until now, after the end of the holiday of Shavuot.  I have heard no news nor seen TV or newspapers.
On the one hand, it has been a great relief to not have to deal with much of the stuff that stuffs up my mail box and my mind, and steals my time.  
On the other, I am happy to resume the nightly report of the day.

it has been a rich and fulfilling retreat.
I have enjoyed experiencing other people's leading of holiday services, the music, the classes.
It is beautiful here---the lush green of the East Coast's tree-covered hills, a lake with two goose families, a barn full of goats. Playing children.
I gave one of my favorite classes---teaching about the lower seven sephirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life through movement, to a selection of world music---in a large yurt by the lake.  I led several other classes using series of imaginal exercises, and did two afternoons of individual sessions.
I wakened again to the work I once used to do.
I had almost forgotten how much I love it, and how truly interested I am in the people who come.

I spent the last two hours catching up with the email of the past days.
Tomorrow, I drive back to Philly with a friend, rent a car, and visit family.
I feel both rested and nourished, and well-used.

Good night.