---has been such a blessing.
I love the sound on the skylights, and the scent when I walk outside; the way the earth "gives" when I step onto it after rain.  Tomorrow it should be just right for weeding some more:  the Scotch thistles would like to take over completely.  I have heard they are actually illegal in Boulder:  fugitive alien plants have invaded my back yard.
I love the fragrance of the garden after rain.  It is somehow different here than where I grew up back East.  Still, the scent is a gift.  I will open a window in the bedroom to invite the scent in.

I am appreciating synthesthesia tonight:  the concert of the senses.  
The sound of the fallng rain, its scent on the earth, the sensation of moisture in the air, each sense pouring into the other, and all a gift.

I wish us all rich fruitful dreams.