After shabbos

I was blessed by a quiet and peaceful shabbos.

Our community is fortunate to have a shul that links Friday night services to a dinner, monthly, and a speaker.  The community is warm and welcoming.  It is a blessing, now and then, for those of us who once celebrated shabbos with a loved one who is no longer here.

The day was beautiful, the walk was rich for the senses, the lunch guest was appreciated and welcome.  Shabbos feels timeless while it is happening. 

Then suddenly it is the week, I open the laptop and read all the unwelcome news and the pleas for money, and I am plunked full into weekday-time.

Tomorrow evening, the annual "Jewish Broadway" fundraiser for the Jewish Renewal shul takes place.
I had expected to participate as usual; but this year, the song I wanted to sing was rejected, and I was asked instead to sing one that I felt was entirely inappropriate---a young woman's insecure lovesong does not work sung by a white-haired 70-year-old.  So this will be the first time that I will enjoy the show purely from the audience.  
If you who are reading this are in the neighborhood, come on over to Nevei Kodesh on 19th at Glenwood tomorrow night; it's bound to be good.

Counting the Omer, we are entering the week of Tiferet.