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Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 17 minutes ago

The very good news:  Zalman's daughter Mimi is unharmed by th fire that destroyed her moshav, and grateful.  It seems that some of the house may be salvageable if the municipality does not decide to raze everything.  We will know more later.


After walking around Viele Lake on this beautiful day, I returned to my car (yes, alas, I do drive on shabbos) and found parked nearby a woman with a full car and two corgis.  It seems that she uprooted everything to take a job here, and has not yet found affordable housing.  She and the doggies have been living in her car.  She pays entrance to the nearby rec center to shower in the mornings.
I know that Mishka the cat would not appreciate a stranger with two dogs.
And the hut in the back has no bathroom.

It embarrasses me to have so much when another has so little.


Blessings for a useful, healing week---