Help needed

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 1 hour ago

Friends, my day was full and rich and chaotic and good.  A toilet broke, and there is a serious leak.
Other than that, all is well here.
What is not well is that the place where R' Zalman's (z'l) oldest daughter Mimi and her family live in Israel, Moshav Meor Modi'in, is burning down.  They have evacuated to the homes of friends in Jerusalem.
Please, if you have any means, add your help before shabbos.
Overwhelming and unexpected loss can be healed, at least in part, by overwhelming and unexpected generosity.

I've been informed that Mimi's daughter Abby will be going there to help, and will have access to her account here in the States; so the quickest and best way to donate is to make out a check to 
Mimi Gess and snail-mail it to:
c/o Abby Rocker
5823 Liebig Avenue
Bronx, NY 10471
They managed to escape the fire and saved their lives---but nothing else.  No shoes, not even urgently needed medications.

I pray that we all be safe, that our hearts be whole, that we deeply know and feel how utterly we are all interconnected and loved.
I wish you a blessed and deep shabbos.