Lag B'Omer very very late

Computer weird; I don't believe it posted  Tuesday night; it's up now.

I know the calendar says it's Thursday morning; but by me it is still Wednsday night.
It is Lag B'Omer---but too wet and soggy for the bonfires that are traditional on this night.
After the gathering at the synagogue was a gathering that we thought was the traditional song and celebration; but it was not:  it was a group of young people with their own agenda, which was both noble, and restrictive and impolite.  I left early and came home.

A friend is staying over rather than driving far tonight (oh, I'm so grateful for a good guest room!)
We ended up honoring this holiday (though unintentionally) by staying up sharing stories until now, close to three a.m.  A wonderful rich sharing to mark this point in time between the liberation from slavery and the receiving of instruction on how to live in freedom.

I would write more---but am falling asleep between words.