Unheard of

-->...to actually write on this site early in the evening.

Mishka the Cat snuggles beside the laptop emitting a mild purr.
I have taken the veggie starts in from outside; good thing I did not plant them yet:  it is snowing that gloppy wet stuff I associate with Dr. Seuss's "ooblek".  

Earlier today, I went to the nearby credit union, where I am transferring all my accounts from what used to be a sweet small local bank.  (I have already described how it was gobbled up by a large NastyBank.)  I discovered, on returning to my car, that the keys had come undone from my purse and were locked securely inside...and I had an appointment at the house in a few minutes.  
The bank manager called a Lyft, and the bank paid for me to return home---a short trip.  
Gallantry can be found at Elevations Credit Union!  
I hope to return tomorrow with homebaked cookies.

My friend brought me back to the car a bit later, where AAA skillfully broke in and retrieved my dropped keys.

I am grateful for friendships, for gallantry, for professional skill, for unseasonable snow, for Mishka who just snuggled, grunting, closer to my arm.

Blessings, blessings.