Close to Shabbos

I am settling back into the post-Pesach kitchen.  A chicken soup is almost ready for the friend who will join me for Shabbos lunch.  I will pick up challah tomorrow.

This beautiful day invited a double-walk around Viele Lake.  I have not seen any nests this Spring, so I don't know if we will see goslings.  It's about time...

And thinking of Time: we return to the yearly practice of counting the Omer, these days between Passover celebrating our liberation, and Shavuot, receiving the Instructions on how to live.
I miss Zalman, z'l. 
When we were together, our practice was to count together each evening.  When we were apart, we so missed counting together that we would call each other on the phone to count---to anticipate the quality of the day to come.

I'm also thinking of another flowing of time:  I have an appointment with our lawyer tomorrow to update the will/trust.  I am clearly much closer to the exit than to the entrance, and I want to leave affairs in order.  Which brings me to the obvious next thought:  affairs all over the house lean more towards disorder than order.  I wonder if I can actually do anything about that...(I am, as those who know me can attest, not naturally talented nor tilted towards order.)
It is the perfect permutation of qualities for such an appointment:  the day of Malchut sh'b-Gevurah---
Strength in its place of ruling.

I wish us all a good shabbos.