Ahh...Catching my breath 

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 12 minutes ago

Wednesday really does feel like the middle of the week.
The veggie starts are still inside; tomorrow the watering system gets turned on, and I will plant them.
This Wednesday is the first time I got to the Farmer's Market downtown this Spring.
Then---a real treat---hearing Mirabai Starr read from her latest book, Wild Mercy, at Boulder Book Store, to a totally packed house.  

I was greeted when I got home by a very insistent cat, who jumped onto the recliner, turned round to face me and meowed loudly.  The meaning was clear:  come here and sit down.  I did.
She really is a very expressive being.

I miss reporting to my beloved in the evening all the beauties of the day:  the new vegetables, the people I have not seen since the Farmer's Market closed last autumn, the delight that Mirabai was speaking to a packed house---so many wanted to hear from a woman mystic.

Oh my---I fell asleep at the keyboard.
I am taking the hint and going upstairs.  After all, I hope to make it to 7 a.m. minyan...