The best unusual

Ah, it was a good day, a long day---
A friend who works with house repair and remodel came to see what was really needed here---I know the wooden decks have to be either repaired or replaced; and if replaced, not with wood.  A big deal.
And the concrete of the front walk; and some small leaks at two of the skylights.
The new plants spent part of the day outside.  
Tomorrow, the dear person who deals with our watering system will come and we will assume (always dangerous) that there will be no further freezes this Spring, and we will turn the watering system on.  In most other places I have lived, a day like today with temperature in the 80's would signal the sure beginning of Spring.  But I've lived here long enough to know:  it ain't necesarily so.  Let's hope.
I put the veggie starts out for some hours again today.  By the end of the week, I may be able to plant them in the silly raised bed.  (It's just tall enough for the neighborhood rabbit.)

We are fortunate in Boulder that a wonderful and unusal teacher lives here.  She started in NYC, and came to us via New Mexico:  a Chabadnik as unusual, in her way, as Zalman, z'l, was in his.  Example:  she once taught about the lower seven sephirot of the Kabbalistic tree illustrating each quality by a scene from a movie.
Tonight, she was speaking of Jewish views of the afterlife, bringing in the concept of reincarnation.
I was introduced to the concept when I was about twelve; but I did not hear that Jews entertained that idea until way later.
I also heard it in the middle of Alaska:  "Oh, we don't believe that stuff since the missionaries came and taught us what's right.  But my uncle, he's a rebirth of his cousin from the other village, and we know that because..."
Wonderful stories.

I wish us all enlightening dreams.
Good night.