Heading in

I've begun clearing the non-edible chometz.
One whole area of papers, magazines, pens, miscellaneous has been cleaned up---the "fermented stuff", to keep/to relocate/to donate/to recycle.  A lovely small victory in a very small (but public) area.

The visiting expert is completing his examination and evaluation of the contents of boxes and boxes in my beloved's office.  As is his custom on the last night, he took me and housemate to a splendid dinner (lovely contrast to what I have been cooking) which leaves me feeling very nicely spoiled.
(It was that unaccustomed simple carb:  a healthy bite of canolli.)
(Oh---and maybe the excellent wine.)

I miss my dear more as we head into the chagim.  This was something for which we took different tasks and roles; but we were doing it together.  Occasionally, I get this whiff of his presence, as if he were continuing to do those tasks in a parallel and not-very-far world.

(I see I am floating in the Twilight Zone version of Pesach prep.  It's late.)
Sweet dreams, everybody.