Coming closer

I do not know where to begin kashering for Pesach.
I think I should start with those place I most dread, like the broom closet in the kitchen that has the Pesachdikke roasting pans...Then the pantry that has the chometz.  What shall I haul off to the Community Pantry as a donation?  what shall I relocate in the garage and "sell"?  
And what about the rest of the house?
I remember in Israel seeing girls in the very frum neighborhoods, after school, flapping piles of books open and shut one by one, to dislodge possible crumbs that might have lodged there when someone was eating while reading.

Meanwhile, the expert who is professionally evaluating that of my beloved's archival material remaining in the house has arrived today, and I have enjoyed sharing his company over a walk, dinner, conversation and a glass of excellent wine that he brought.  Tomorrow he begins serious work.

And so do I.
Not only the pantry.  
Returning to the first pass at editing the early entries of this shared journal.
It's time.
And I realize why I have avoided it:  I am beginning to cry already.

Blessings, blessings.