A good day. 
I went to early minyan. 
The car had its annual physical exam and oil change.
I shopped for shabbos.

Some emails from the listserve of my college graduating class arrived.  We have carried on a remarkable group correspondence, which has been very nourishing.  Today, two of those carried poems that touched my heart...
which made me think of other friends and classmates from that time.  I sent an email to one of these friends---a woman who had been a year or two ahead of me, but we had kept loosely in touch over the years.
I received an automatic response:  she had "died quietly" 18 days ago.

THAT made me sit up and open my eyes.
It could happen to me---to any of us--- any day.  And my desk is a mess.

Shabbos is  coming; I get to rest and let all this sort itself out.  
I will see how it looks on Saturday night.

Good night; good shabbos.