The weather has not decided whether it is yet Spring or is still Winter:  the morning was still snow.  Now melted.

It has been a busy, confusing day:  a visit with a friend here for Pesach from Britain, going home today.  An appointment with a nutritionist.  The arrival of a box of new supplements aimed at helping general health and brain.  Contemplating the upcoming wedding of a grandchild in Israel this summer, 

It has been a full, rich day, and yet I am sitting here near tears:  I would wish my beloved here to see the wonderful photo of this grandson, in his Chassidishe hat, next to his bride-to-be:  both so very young, so hopeful.  I am horrified to think of myself that age, committing to a marriage.  (I waited till I was SURE to finally marry; I was 46.)  But who knows...?  My heart goes out to them, and my blessings.
On the other side of the coin is the upcoming day of remembrance of the Holocaust---right now, just as we are experiencing the re-emergence of "causeless hatred" and the murder of innocents, with no words of condemnation nor comfort from our tweeter-in-chief.  Rather:  tacit acceptance.

Falling asleep.  Good night.