Almost back to normal

(...only, ¿what's normal?)

Nobody came today. The pace was steady and quiet.
I kept an appointment.
I tried to straighten out a scheduling difficulty that I had unwittingly created.
I stopped for a cup of coffee and met a friend: the delight of an unexpected visit.
I got to send emails of thanks (they have replaced thank-you notes) to one of the people who made the wedding so very special and pleasant.  I am waiting for a few more names.  (Imagine a party full of folks who mostly know each other, one part literally awesome, formal, serious and touching; one part utterly celebrative.  Good Eastern European Chassidic music, food, dancing and playfulness.  An after-meal blessing that held both gravity and joy.)

Tomorrow morning I go to early synagogue service, then the post office, then hope to come home and begin sorting out the chaos before Pesach is upon us.
Wish me luck.