The eve of the Seventh Day of Pesach

Oh my---
A totally full day.
Shopping, baking, wrangling with the computer and printer, wrestling with the new nasty megabank that took over the old good personal small one.

Then baking my friend Alicia's mother Nika's (z'l) flourless hazelnut torte for potluck tonight...
Arrived too early: gave me a chance for a long walk in a beautiful neighborhood.
Wonderful food and great company; discussing, arguing, singing...
Whole and perfect.
Coming in towards the end of Pesach.

Every year it feels like I am just settling into Pesach when POOF!  It's over.
Only it's not over quickly, exactly...It reminds me of a song from the early '70's:
"The ending always comes to pass
Endings always come too fast
They come too fast, 
And they pass too slow..."

Good night.
Good shabbos.
May the last bits of Pesach be rich and rewarding.