Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — a minute ago

Poof!  My report of today disappeared just as I was about to sign out for the night.  
Once more(-or-less):

It has been a quiet day of catching up.
I discovered I had completely confused dates for certain appointments on my calendar.
And now the second draft of this entry has disappeared as well.

I miss counting the Omer with my beloved:  observing how the quality of the day that is slipping away has played out; anticipating the flavor of the coming day. The seven weeks between breaking out for freedom and receiving instruction for how to live, individually and as a community---it is a very necessary and very powerful period, each day imbued with its own interpenetration of qualities.
Tonight through tomorrow night:  Tiferet sh-b'Chesed...A day imbued with the grace/beauty of generosity.