I had the delight of the company of my stepson Shlomo Barya, who returned with me after the wedding and stayed here.
We got to really talk, to visit, to do a little shopping.  
Later in the afternoon, Shalvi the Bride and Yomin the Groom came to pick him up, to go together to  visit and davven at Zalman's (z'l) grave, then to dinner and to the airport.  Shalvi came with the guitar she had borrowed---and a lovely dress she had made me in the short time she was back home in Israel before returning here to get married.  
What a remarkable woman.

Tonight, at our local book store, rabbi Tirzah Firestone spoke about her newly-published book, Wounds Into Wisdom, dealing with generational trauma.  An excellent talk, an important and timely book; I highly recommend.  
Timely, too.
Good night.