The Wedding.

The Chabad community gave the couple an utterly celebrative Chassidic wedding.
Shalvi looked stunning.  Yomin, the groom, looked happy.  Zalman, z'l, would have felt completely at home and joyous.  Women and men were separate.  People were warm, friendly, playful, generous. Kind. There was lots of singing. Good food.  Dancing (men and women separated by a fabric screen.)
It was the world in which Zalman once lived.

And it is also the contemporary world, in which several people skyped much of the celebration on their cell phones to Shalvi's mother, brother and sister-in-law.

I met lovely and generous people, whom I hope I shall see again.  They are from Zalman's world; but perhaps I can pay a visit now and then.

Shalvi's brother Shlomo Barya flew in from Champagne-Urbana for the wedding, leaving his house before dawn.  He came back here for the night, and I hope he is fast asleep.  
Shalvi and Yomin will come drive to Boulder tomorrow, and we will all go to visit the grave of the man that each of us loved in a different way.

I am falling asleep at the keyboard.
Good night.