Ah, shabbos...

Everything is whirling:  beginning to kasher for Pesach, by me, means first of all trying to be ruthless in culling accumulated papers all over the place.  THEN the kitchen (a huge job in itself.)
I will begin tomorrow, while simultaneously finishing up the prep for taxes and making shabbos dinner.
(Yeah, right.)

In typical Boulder fashion, the day began covered with snow (I shoveled, and got the snow off the cars of Netanel and our guest), then proceeded to get warmer and warmer until everything melted by late afternoon and you would never know it had snowed or stormed the day before, and that some flights had been cancelled.

The day involved some major catching-up; and there is still so much more to do.

This evening I attended a book reading by one of the Boulder women writers:  what rich, lush, descriptive use of language.  It leaves me astonished and inspired.

I am falling asleep at the laptop.
I am missing Zalman, z'l.
I am wishing you all a delightful Friday and a good shabbos.