Whose idea was it...? 

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 13 minutes ago

...to change the clocks twice a year?  Why don't business just change their hours, if they want?
My body knows perfectly well that when I waken tomorrow at 7 a.m., but my clock says 8,
that the clock is lying.  

After a quiet, restful shabbos, I received a call from a friend with an unexpected extra ticket to the local yearly Jewish Film Festival.  Oh my---I recognize that Galilee landscape, those contractors, the house designs.  I recognize the small society contained on a moshav.  I recognize the language, the intonations, the quality of the interactions.
I leave just a little bit homesick.
Then I remember my last visit, for a family wedding.  I remember returning every afternoon to my hotel room at the edge of town, throwing myself on the bed and weeping.  Every single day.
I could not believe what had befallen the country.

Now I can't believe what has befallen this country.
Shabbos is over, and I can resume taking the Ribono she Olam to task for allowing the mess we are in.

I hear a fair, patient voice saying "But you did it yourselves."
Then I remember the quote of Reb Nachman:  "If you believe you can break, believe you can repair."
I will take that upstairs to bed with me, and remind myself:  we can repair.

Git voch/shavu'a tov.