It's been so long

...since this morning!
It has been a full, rich day.
Met with a friend for breakfast; shopped, and ran into another friend for tea; cooked up another soup (split pea this time); unexpected visit from yet another friend with whom I share a birthday; lovely long phone-visit with a friend in another city; good dinner conversation.
Mishka came for an extended lap-sit; she is now curled by my arm on the desk, dozing and purring.

These good visits with friends---in person is wonderful; skype or phone is next-best---are deeply nourishing.  I miss the rhythm of the years in Jerusalem, and even to some extent in Philadelphia, when it was normal for friends to simply drop in on each other, or run into each other in the shuq and decide to sit and catch up over tea.  There was something very comfortable, comforting and human about assuming that time was fluid and plans flexible.  Perhaps it was based on a common notion that the substance of one's day, in the end, was valued by the quality of interactions with other humans.

Blessings, blessings---