A glorious day

...this last day of March.

Almost all the snow is melted.  It was mildly sunny, people were out walking their dogs, or just walking.  I am beginning to tackle the archeological layers of paper lodged on various surfaces of the house.  To my surprise, I am figuring out how to approach the complex jigsaw puzzle on the card table in my study.  If, after a while, i stand up and walk to another side of the table, I see things I did not see before.
I imagine other things in life are like this.

Tomorrow night, Shalvi is marrying, here in Denver.  Brave woman:  five children; fourth marriage.
Then again, she comes from a father who was extraordinary and courageous, and a mother who still is.  Then they return, and her new husband gets to meet her five children.

I hope to report after the wedding.
Falling asleep at the keyboard.