Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — a minute ago

This evening I was at a gathering in North Boulder, the other end of town.  There is less artificial light there, so more stars are visible.  What a beautiful early Spring night---we are in that short span of weather that is no longer cold, but is not yet balmy.

It is time to direct my mind towards Pesach, though it is not quite ready to go there yet.  
It is still trying to eject the enormous quantity of political brouhaha that has taken up residence the last two years like a hostile invading army, has eaten up all my energy resources, and has left a whopping mound of trash and pollution where joyous optimism used to be.
But it is clear that Spring is on the way, bringing all the activities required to prepare for it:  sorting, discarding, repairing, cleaning and polishing...A restoring-to-order of my small place in the Universe.
My mind has always understood quite well that the scrupulous cleaning of my physical environment carried the message that my mind was invited---required---to undertake the same.

I am falling asleep between words.  More tomorrow.