Almost Purim

At the same time (and not all of same valence):

  • a new, healthy grandson---great joy

  • a visiting friend in the house

  • a wondeful film from the Jewish Film Festival---"93 Queen"---honoring an exceptional teacher in our midst

  • a purring cat curled up asleep beside the laptop

  • the plumber who seems to have cured the small ongoing leak that the water company continued to note on my bill; and it did NOT involve digging everything up between the street and the house, as the utility company's young employee said it would!

I cannot even begin to think of balancing one list against the other.  I can only offer up my gratitude that there are, thank G-d, two lists.  
It is that season---of the interplay between the Dark and the Light.

May we dream the Light into this world.