Sunday, Sunday

I am not quite sure where the day went...

Sun and clear sky, squirrels and birds.
I received the treat of a visit from friends from Europe; it had been a long time.
I was sniffling and sneezing; I decided not to take this to the Islamic Center where there would be many people.
Instead I bundled up and took a beautiful walk in the park around Viele Lake, with children and dogs and geese at a distance, the sun and the cold air.  I will hear tomorrow if the gathering led to any action directives.  And since this would have been my time at the Islamic Center, I prayed as I walked for the safety of all our communities, for a cooling of the resentments and fears that lead to violence, for an opening of hearts.  For clear vision of the truth of what is going on.
(It seems that "reality" proceeds on so many different levels at once...)
Just now:  a late long-distance call with a friend I've known since I was twelve years old; we share a certain fundamental memory of what reality was then...

Mishka the Cat is exploring new behaviors:  she is not curled on the desk by my arm as I type tonight,  but is napping in Zalman's favorite recliner chair.
She decided to sleep on the bed last night---a rare occurrence.

I am falling asleep between words; a sure sign that it is time to go to bed.
Blessings, blessings.