So tired...

I have little to say.
I know I did some good and necessary things today, but I am so tired I can no longer remember what they were.

Mishka is curled on the desk, snuggled up to the side of the laptop and my typing hand.  She gently grunts in her sleep.  Makes me wonder if I do the same.  Of if, cholilah, I snore.

The day was beautiful, and I was able to get plenty of work done at my desk.  But as I look back on the day, none of that registers.  What stands out is a beautiful walk around the small lake in a nearby park, with the wild geese and the walkers with their dogs, with crisp air and the intense blue of the sky between clouds.  What stands out is a welcome phone conversation with a friend.  And some minutes when I was sitting on the small salmon sofa and Mishka jumped into my lap and curled up and purred. Another little pleasure-blip when I managed to fit a few small puzzle pieces together.  (I have begun the beautiful jigsaw puzzle I received for my birthday.  It is a totally new adventure; I have never done a jigsaw puzzle in my life.)
I will bring all these little lights of gratitude upstairs with me now as I go to sleep.
Blessings, blessings...