Snow, snow, snow

How wonderful: snowing; cold. Perfect time to stay home, warm, with tea, leftover birthday cake, a cat and a wood stove.

Only I did have an appointment downtown, so I went, praying all the way.

There was supposed to have been a reading of one of our local authors at Boulder Book Store, but when I had parked the car and walked to the store, there was already a sign that the reading had been cancelled due to the weather. It has been rescheduled for May. (Some snow!)

I got safely back to the house, and comforted myself for the misssed reading with tea, leftover birthday cake, a bit of the newly-delivered birthday babka-gift sent from New York, and a fire in the wood stove.

Now and then we would sit, the two of us and the cats, watching the flames and sipping hot tea or cocoa, singing niggunim or talking, massaging each other's feet or just listening to the crackle of burning wood.

Good night.