Erev Birthday

Today was one of those full-spectrum days---everything from playing with Mishka the Cat this morning through to writing this blog in the evening.

And what most touched my heart was this evening's shiva minyan for the member of our community who just died. We got to hear stories from her sisters about a woman who led an atypical life, and who faced death with open curiosity and sense of humor rather than fear.

(Meanwhile, I had approached this evening with my own trepidation, because I had never led a shiva minyan before. Thank goodness, rabbi Tirzah had given me the material she uses.)

Perhaps that was just right: that the family required a minyan, which pushed me to do something for the first time on the eve of my birthday.

Tomorrow I turn 70. I'm supposed to have acquired some wisdom.

I don't know about that.

But at least I still have some guts.

Good night.