Okay, here goes...

This morning the eye doc looked and tested, and was VERY pleased about the continued improvement of my left eye after the surgery.  Then she gave my right eye its monthly injection...so far so good.  
There is always plenty of waiting between stages at that office, so I brought knitting.  (I already made a pink pussy-hat for a friend, and am now doing one for myself.)  I learned to knit from my grandmother, who taught me like a European:  wind the thread around one finger---like the tension guage on a sewing machine---and pick it up with the needle.  Don't let go of the needles.

A day of errands and appointments thereafter, and finally an easy landing home, a very light dinner, and the resurrection of one of my earlier professions in the service of a friend with an aching back.
(I was trained in therapeutic massage by the old physiotherapist that Edgar Cayce used to send folks to in his readings; I was 18.  But that's a whole other story.)

This made me begin to think about the varied and sometimes unlikely skills each one of us must pick up during a lifetime of things that need to be done. I will list some of mine, and invite you who read this to do the same in the Comments.  I bet we'll be surprised at what some of us have acquired on our circuitous life-paths.  Here are some of mine:

  • cooking

  • breadbaking

  • sourdough 

  • sewing by hand

  • knitting simply

  • getting by on a shoestring

  • SOUPS!

  • professional massage

  • therapeutic use of imagery

  • story

  • song

  • dream work

  • cartooning

  • play

Your turn.