And now for something completely different

Today I went for testing to the Boulder clinic that evaluates MINDS. We all agree that there is some slippage.
This evaluation was instigated (with consummate gentleness and subtlety) by close friends here, and the clinic is the lifework of friends as well.  
The good news is that they have programs in place, from nutrition on out, to help.
I am extremely grateful:  I would like to keep, and to keep using, whatever is left of my mind.

One unfortunate corollary is that I really do need to get enough sleep.  I might have to bite the bullet and learn to head upstairs earlier than my custom. And actually go to sleep there, not stay up reading for two more hours.  [Thinking of the wonderful children's (?) book, Go the F--- to Sleep!]
So please forgive me for signing off so quickly tonight.  
I'll be back tomorrow.