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Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — a minute ago

Computer tsuris
  computer tsuris
      computer tsuris
Everything went on the fritz today.  I asked Netanel to give notice in Comments that I might be off line tonight.
The kind folks at Indra's Net (my small local server) stayed on the phone with me and finally got me a phone-fix with Apple---the kind where you share the screen and the savvy guy on the other end of the phone tells you what to do.  I did it, and seem to be back on line.

I do love what this device can do; but sometimes I am nostalgic for the good old days when the height of technology was my KLH turntable and FM, good speakers and radio antenna, supplemented now and then by the TV tuned to PBS.

There were also years---decades---when I lived not only without computer, but without TV altogether.
In college:  who had time?
In grad school:  who had a TV?
In rural Alaska:  what?  TV?
In Israel:  I couldn't have understood it if I had one
In Philly:  too interested in other stuff
In Colorado:  already out of the habit  
We did occasionally watch Bill Moyers, Downton Abbey and Star Trek reruns.
And when Yotam was with us early on, we would turn off the sound when the ads came on, and he would provide the libretto:  "We'd like to persuade you that if you buy this car, you'll get this girl..."

But I discovered today when my laptop crashed how accustomed I have become to "staying in touch"  through this medium.  And my beloved was even more engaged.  He could even talk to his computer, using Dragon.  (Of course, whichever poor dragon was on duty that day had a tough time:  most paragraphs he spoke contained a minimum of three different languages.  Not every dragon had learned--- besides the requisite English---Hebrew, Yiddish, German, Sanskrit, Latin,Greek...)

I wish us all sweet dreams...