Grateful, grateful, grateful

-->for shabbos.

I so appreciate a day with no cooking, no expectations that I will do any business, no phone.

I ate slowly, sang, visited with one friend at a distance, exchanged stories, played with Mishka the cat, read.

After havdalah, I cleaned up, changed the table back to weekday table linen, and opened the laptop to catch up.


(Mishka is curled up at the edge of the laptop napping.)

I want to spend less time dealing with stuff on line, and don't know how to manage that: the bad-news of the world comes flooding in, along with demands to do something about it. How do I evaluate what things-to-do-about-it are effective and worth it? One of the things I do is check all charities out on CharityNavigator; but that is not enough.

I do not want to be heartless and simply delete all---at the same time, I feel like my time and energy are being eaten up without my consent.

If anybody has really got this figured out, please enlighten us all.

Meanwhile, Mishka has finished grooming herself, and has started grooming me, hand first.

I think this is her signal that it is time for me to go up to bed.

And since she is such an intelligent cat, I will listen to her.

Wishing us all a sweet week---